What do women want - how to understand a woman

What do women want - how to understand a woman

 how to understand a woman

Women are beautiful creatures whose beauty attracts millions of men all over the world. Without women, the world would be a boring place and probably not in existence as they are also sources of life through procreation.

Women are adorable, they are lovely, they are tender, they are intelligent and very caring at heart. Women are to the world what oxygen is to human beings, the world cannot survive without a woman in it. 

How come do some men have difficulty in understanding their women? Could it be that women are complex and difficult to understand? I am assuring you that the answer to this question is 'no'. Women are not complex, not so difficult to know but very interesting to understand.

How can a woman be understood? What do women really want?
This answers to the above questions are what I am about to reveal to you as you read.

To understand a woman is not difficult. A woman is not someone whose character you need to go to university to study, write exams and probably get a certificate for because you have now become an expert in knowing women. She is rather someone who needs to be given full attention to and watch as she reveals herself and characteristics.

The first step you must take if you truly want to understand a woman is to invest yourself in her. You need to invest your listening ear in her words. Pay attention to her words because in there, are thousands of clues to give you a grasp of her world. 

When a woman says something, she speaks out of her heart. If you are a wise man, don't write off her words. If you learn to listen to her, you would surely understand her. If you are a good listener it would be easy to hear what she says and once you learn to listen attentively to her words, you would surely figure out her desires and what she constantly yearns for. 

If you want to understand a woman, you must also pay attention to what she is not saying. Pay attention to her body language. 

Whenever she laughs, when she cries, when she stares at you and when she's just silent, she is exposing herself to you to learn about. 

A woman is so open to letting a man have clues of who she is and what her life is made of if she finds a man who is worthy of her. 

When a woman is laughing with you it means what you're doing at that moment is what she likes and would always want you to do, and as a wise man, it would be nice if you keep doing that thing to or for her every now and then.

If you say something and she stares at you with unpleasant facial expression, that tells you she does not like that words you just spoke and it would be nice if you do not say that to her anymore.
What I am driving at here is that a woman's body language is very crucial to know what she likes and how she likes it. 

To understand a woman you also have to be her best friend in all aspects of your relationship. 

When a woman truly finds peace in a man she reveals herself to him. She is not afraid of letting him know her strength, weakness and what she hopes to become in life. Women are more revealing in a relationship that gives them security.  Securities a woman desires in a relationship includes happiness. 

When a woman finds peace and happiness in loving you as her guy she would flourish and make it easy for you to see all of her. 

She would show herself to you the way no one else knows her, she would see you as the only person in the world that she does not have to hide from. You become her all and everything she's ever wanted in life to reach her destiny. If you want to understand your woman and have a good love life with her, be her best friend in all areas of her life.

If you want to understand a woman you must invest in her emotional well-being

We are all emotional creatures but women are more in touch with their emotions for that is where they process everything that they do. Women do well when they're emotionally balanced, this is why you need to invest in your woman's emotional well-being.

How do you invest in a woman's emotion?

You need to let her happiness be your priority. You should always make her happy so she feels loved by you all the time. Play with her in the presence of people. Do not be shy to tell of her beauty and adoration to the world. 

If people are going to abuse you for being so crazy about your woman let them be, after all, she is your woman and you were so crazy about her when you set eyes on her and fell in love with her. Why not let the world talk if they'd be making fun of you for being so in love with her?

For you to understand your woman you need to understand what she wants in life and what her pursuits are. In a woman's pursuit is where you find what motivates her to be the best she dreams of every day. 

Sometimes you see a woman after a goal that she talks about it all the time. Call her and ask her about her dreams, give her a helping hand to achieve these dreams but don't boss her around in the name of trying to motivate her; let her own dreams and desire to achieve them and you just be in the background or ask her how she needs your help and do the best you can to help her achieve the dreams.

If you want to understand your woman watch how she behaves when she's around her friends. Watch if she is more comfortable to be herself when her friends are around or she's more comfortable to be herself when she's with you alone. If you find out she's more comfortable being herself whenever she's around her friends, that's a sign that you need to adjust yourself and how you relate with her. 

Do not interact with your woman like you are her boss and she's your employee, if you do, you'd regret it and can never understand her as you'd always see her as a rebel or maze you don't enjoy going through.

To understand a woman you must learn how to think like a woman even though you are a man. 

A woman would say "I only want a man I can love and who would love me back in return".

This is how women think. They feel joyful when they are truly loved, so you must also always think like 'if I live right with my woman and I show her true love, she would love me back in return and will not be difficult to understand her needs'.

To understand a woman you must see her like a butterfly. 

You cannot clip the wings of a butterfly and expect it to fly. Only when a butterfly is free and flaps its wings can it soar. Don't be a man that thinks he needs to clip his wife's wings so that she can respect him. Respect is not given by force, it is earned through the acts worthy of respect. 

Be free with your wife if you are a married man, and be free with your spouse if you are yet to marry each other. Learn to tease your woman and let her tease you back if you want to get that understand of her. Only by giving her the freedom to relate with you on equal terms can you enjoy her and understand her very well.

A woman is not so hard to understand as some men project. Don't join those men who believe they cannot understand their women. Why they think their women are difficult to understand is because they have programmed their mind to think so and this has created mental laziness which prevents a countless number of men from working on themselves and willingness to enjoy their marriage /relationship.

You need to understand that a woman does not want more than  you can give her, she does not want what you cannot provide. She only wants you and the true love you are capable of giving her.

At the top of a woman's list is a man who truly loves her and makes her happy. 

A man who shows her all the care in the world. 

A faithful man who is dedicated to her alone. 

A man who has no time for a girlfriend or extramarital affair. 

A man that takes good care of her and her children.

A man that is truly honest and treats her as his equal partner and not some woman to use as a subordinate.

A woman only wants a man who will protect her against the cruelty of the world. 

She wants a man that listens to her, a man that shares his dreams and plans with her. 

She wants a man who does not have time to play a game with her heart. 

A woman just wants nothing but a man of honesty and integrity. 

She wants a man who will support her dreams and help her grow. 

She wants a man who has nothing to do with vices of the world.

If you understand that a man of those qualities I mentioned above is what a woman wants, you would understand why some feel it's hard to understand a woman and her needs.

 Men who possess all these qualities are not much in the world and this is why we have a shortage of happiness in marriage/relationship

If you desire to be a man of these qualities and you make your mind up to be a different man for a good purpose in life, you would understand that a woman is not  difficult to know as the love you show her and the peace you give her would make her feel safe with you and thereby reveal herself to you in all her glory. 

If you make good use of the tips in this article, I give you a guarantee of finding it easy to understand your woman and her needs.

I remain Your's truly,

Abraham Adebiyi.

Do not forget to share this article, and you can also send me an email through info@abrahamadebiyi.com  with any challenge you might be facing in your relationship so we can both work together and make things better for you.

I wish you happiness in your marriage/relationship.

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