what do girls like ?

what do girls like?  Beard gang or Money gang?

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Women are full of desires and sometimes choosy when it comes to what tickles their fancy, for a reason like this is why it seems like a scientific research when some men are trying to study women in order to really understand what she wants or loves the most with the hope that they would be able to satisfy the desire of the woman to an extent and be a man who can attract the woman of his dream. 'What do girls like'? beard gang or money gang?

The 21st century relationship is going through the toughest time due to many things both men and women see on the internet, amongst those things is what I call "the beard gang relationship syndrome".

'The beard gang relationship syndrome' is the 21st-century women's desire for bearded guys due to their cute and charming appearance irrespective of the character of those guys or their potential as a life partner.

The heavy demand for bearded guys by women in the relationship industry "😂 😂 lol" is the reason why we have so many guys looking for hair growth products they can use to grow natural beard and be able to attract that beautiful sister they have been crushing on from the distance, but 'between a bearded guy and a loaded guy (a man with so much money in his bank account), which one do women prefer and love the most?' 

The question has been asked by our readers and this is why I decided to do my own investigation on it.

The outcome of my research goes thus:

Out of 20 women I interviewed, 19 of the women said they would rather date or settle down with a guy who has money but has no beard instead of a guy who has all the beard in the world but has no money because beard will not put food on their table.

The remaining lady said she would only date a bearded guy if he has the potential to be successful and if he is working on being successful in life.

As a guy/ man who wants to know which one women prefer between a bearded guy with no money and ambition, and a rich guy with good personality and no beard, I believe that above result of my research can give you more insight on that question.

Majority of women love a successful man irrespective of his physical makeup. "Ambition is the first significant quality of a man which is capable of permanently attracting a woman", I said permanently because those women who love bearded guys with no potential for a better life often pack their bags and leave the relationship when the spark is gone.

To have a solid relationship with the opposite sex, the attraction must be able to survive the test of reality which beard alone is not enough to solve when the tough time comes calling. 

What a man should work on in order to attract his own life partner is his own character and life aspiration. Women love men with good and integrity worthy character.

A man also needs to have a means of income where he makes his money to take good care of himself, his family and his potential life partner. 

Don't think you do not need money in relationship because you want a woman that will love you for whom you are and not what you have, even if it's true that not all women are after money in relationship, I must be honest to you by telling you that everyone sees money as a form of security and that is the same thing that makes a man look attractive to a woman.

 Because you don't want a gold digger as a partner does not mean you should think money is off least important to a woman when choosing someone she wants to spend her life with. 

Gone are those days when people did not think about their future's financial security when committing to a romantic relationship with another person, in this new era many people take their time to consider their future's financial security before deciding on a partner to choose.

My advice to any man/guy who is reading this is to work on their personal development while some other guys are working on their beard development. 

when you have both developed what matters to you, then will you find out that 'women love money gang more than beard gang. 

If you want to attract a woman of your interest, make sure your attitude command respect. Be respectable, live right as a person and WORK HARD TO MAKE THAT MONEY SO YOU TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF AND YOUR WOMAN. MONEY ATTRACTS PEOPLE FASTER THAN MAGNET ATTRACTS A METAL, WORK MORE ON YOUR BANK ACCOUNT BALANCE MORE THAN YOU DO ON YOUR BEARD (i.e if you have any beard at all) lol

Questions and contributions are welcome. Don't forget to share this article to help other people.

If you are a lady reading this, which one do you love the most? Beard gang or money gang? 


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