what a woman says and what she really means

'what a woman says' and what she really means

what a -Nigerian woman- says and what she means

when it comes to a relationship, men and women speak and do interpret words differently from each other. such is the reason why there is sometimes misunderstanding between a man and a woman in love because they both read different meanings to the words, a factor like this contributes to why both men and 'women' often see each other as being very difficult to manage. 

To help my fellow men decode the meaning of some statements of our women is the purpose of this article. kindly read on as I translate these 3 statements of 'women' that men do not understand.

What a 'woman' says and what they mean

1. I want to go shopping please can we go together?

What often comes to a man's mind when his wife or girlfriend tells him she wants to go shopping is that she is going to spend money she  doesn't have or trying to lavish the little money she has on a shopping spree, and what makes some men refuse to go shopping with their woman is the thought that the woman might make them pay for all the things she intends to buy if they go together or that the woman would waste their time in the mall or market as it is time consuming when some women are doing their shopping physically.

In a woman's love language, when she asks her man to go somewhere with her, she is trying to tell him that she enjoys his company and would always love to be by her side. This is more like a woman saying to her man that "she loves to be around him and would always want the world to see how much he loves and adores her".

Next time your woman asks you to go somewhere with her, even if it's not shopping, tell her you're always happy to go anywhere with her and you are proud of letting the world see how much you love to be with her.  Then get dressed and go out with your woman. 

2. I think this hairstyle is not fine, what do you think?

My dear men, when your woman tells you this, please don't give her your opinion on how you think the hair should have been done to make her look more beautiful, doing so is one of the worst mistakes a man could make in a relationship.

Whenever she asks for your opinion on her new hairdo, "what she wants is for you to notice her new hairstyle and complement her". Instead, you should 'tell her that her personal beauty and personality makes the hair look so good on her to the point you could wear the same hairstyle yourself'. It is true that this complement sounds too good and sweet to hear, but what does a woman want to hear if not sweet words of her man?

3. When she's smiling and says check out this my new dress, how do I look in it? 

Don't ruin that moment for her by saying the wrong thing.

Dear men, when your woman asks you to check out her new dress and tell her how she looks in it, PLEASE DON'T TURN TO FASHION POLICE AND START TELLING HER THE RIGHT COLOUR COMBINATION THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER FOR HER TO WEAR. 

Most women wear their clothes because they like the style, the same reason is why your woman is wearing that same cloth to show off to you and your job here is to love her and be happy for her whenever she puts on something she likes and not to play police on her choice.

The mistake a lot of men often make is thinking they are supposed to make their women put on what they like and not what the woman likes. A man could succeed in making a woman wear a cloth that he only loves but he cannot succeed in making her happy for wearing a cloth she does not like.

Be happy when your woman is happy to put on something she likes. Only when you prefer what makes her happy can you ever achieve making her a happy woman.

Dear men, I hope you have been able to learn new things about our beautiful and wonderful women now? 

For Women:

what other love languages and meaning can you share with us so that we men can learn from?

For Men:

What love language and meaning have you learnt lately from a woman? 

Share your experience and opinions with us for us to learn.

Comments and contributions are welcome. 

kindly like and share this helpful tips with others to learn from.

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