Understanding a woman is like a rocket science for some men. They can't distinguish what a woman likes from what she doesn't, they feel everything a man does should be what satisfies a woman. This is a dilemma which seems to bring no joy into marriage or relationship between couple. For a man who desires to be real and responsible, it's no big deal for him to learn what are the things that would bring joy between himself and his spouse. These things are little but much and expensive for a man who has no clue on what to do to make his wife happy.

1. Women like a responsible man.

 A man who puts her first and not trade her for any of his hobbies or buddies. Some men would rather spend time outside doing what they see as hobbies or hang out with friends all the time while they leave their wives hanging alone at home. Women are like boomerang, what you throw is what comes back to you. A woman that enjoys no attention from his man would give no attention to the man when he needs it from her.
If you want a real attention from your woman you need to learn how to give her attention when she needs it.

2. Women enjoy complements a lot.

 A little bit of complement every now and then won't hurt at all. Tell her how good she looks all the time. When she puts on a new dress let her know you're aware that the dress is new and the cloth is fortunate to have her wear it. A woman admired by her man all the time can not be easily drawn away by the complements of another man. Tell your woman how beautiful she is, how amazing she looks, how honoured you are to have her in your life, how much you thank God for bringing her into your life and be rest assured you would always have her love.

3. Women love a courageous man.

Life can be cruel sometimes and makes you want throw in the towel. It makes you want to give up on life as if you have nothing to live for. A woman who finds herself in this situation cherishes a man who tells her he feels her pains. Tell her you're always with her and will always stand by her to overcome any battle of life. Never leave her when she's in trouble. The most vulnerable time for a woman is when life challenges her and a man who stays with her and helps her to overcome will have her love till the end of time.

4. Women love a man of vision and ambition.

A real man doesn't want to live his life with a woman who's heading nowhere. This is however the same for women. No matter how little it is a man must have vision and ambition to totally win a woman's heart. A man without ambition is like a ship sailing without a destination. A woman wants a man who can provide her home and security of life and if all these are not in place it leads to anarchy in home. No matter how little you must have vision and ambition as a man, and it's not late to have one now.

5. If you won't keep your promise please don't make her one.

Women don't like men who break their promises. You have to be a man of your word if you want to have happiness with your spouse. Breaking a promise made to a woman is like playing games in her sight and she'd barely take a man who breaks promises seriously.
keep your promises to her all the time

6. If you won't eat her food please don't tell her to cook.

A woman takes cooking for her man seriously and puts a lot of effort into getting it done. She's hoping to get praises from her man after eating her food. So, if you want to pick a quick meal on your way home please call her and tell her not to cook. If she cooks and you gets home to tell her you ate on your way home and already satisfied you'd gradually lose her love and care.

7. Carry her along in all your plans.

Nothing hurts a woman like feeling she's not a part of her man's life. If you plan things with her it means you're drawing her into to you. She'd be so fond of you and be looking out for the next thing you're going to do together. And if the plans you made together has to change please let her know before you execute the adjustment made to the plans. Planning with your woman is as the same as making her part of your life.

8. Participate in her hobby.
Playing together enhances your relationship with your spouse and it's the reason they say family that play together laugh together.Doing something together is a good and nice thing to nurture in any relationship. You could go jogging together if that's what she likes, ride bicycle together or go to the gym with her if that's what she likes. Make sure you participate in her hobby ones in a while. 

9. Say sorry when you're wrong

As simple as the word sorry sounds it means a lot to a woman to hear her man say it when he is wrong. Saying sorry when you're wrong can hurt your ego as a man, it only makes her see you as a responsible man. Learn to admit you"re wrong when you are, and say sorry to her. This takes no effort at all but don't abuse the word "sorry". Saying sorry all the time while you repeat the same mistakes won't make her see genuineness in your remorse.

10. Every woman loves not a clown but a man with good sense of humour.

some men are afraid of having their woman around a comedian not because the comedian has more than them in life, but the reason is because they know they can make people laugh and whoever makes a woman laugh would always get a friendly buzz from the woman time after time. learn to be free and laugh, learn to crack a little bit of jokes sometimes to ease her tension, see life from a positive angle and learn to laugh with your partner. But try not to over do it because this could make you look like a clown to her.

With the things listed above I am sure you'd get a positive results from your relationship with your spouse if you practice them. It doesn't take much to love a woman but it could be much if you don't know what to do.

May God give you happiness in Life.

Your's truly,

Adebiyi Abraham.


  1. Thank u very much mr Ade. I have indeed gathered some words of wisdom. Though I think u missed out on the most important thing which is, PRAYING TOGETHER! Remember, a family that prays together stays together.
    Again, I would want to add, SATISFYING YOUR WOMAN SEXUALLY. Women b/w 25 - 40 depending on biogical clock and hoemones, are sexually very active and sensitive. They know what they want in bed, so if the man is always quick ejaculate in her and gets away, he will gradually loose his wife's affection.

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