Should I date a Married Man

Should I Date A Married Man

Should I date a married man?

The world is changing and some things that once looked odd in the past are becoming a normal occurrence as days go by. Seeing a single woman in a relationship with a married man has happened for a long time, yet it is still an issue that raises an eyebrow in our current generation. Please read this article till the end to learn more about 'dating a married man rules' if you're asking yourself the question: 'Should I date a Married Man?'

People all over the world consider it to be morally wrong for a single lady to have a romantic relationship with a person who is already married and see a married man chasing after a single lady as one who is not living right. However, the purpose of writing this article is not to pass judgement on anyone but to help people who find themselves in such situation to make a better decision through insightful knowledge I am going to share with you in this article.  

As a woman who might be in this situation asking 'should I date a married man' ?, before I give you my opinion on this issue, let me first of outline some scenes that always play out and what you should expect in a relationship between a married man and a single woman.

1. If you are in a relationship with a married man, it simply means you are destroying any form of happiness that could exist between such man and his wife. You are a source of pain for the wife the man has at home.

A married woman would never be happy to find out that her husband is having extramarital affair with another woman outside her, and this is always the beginning of the end for such a woman and her man. A married man who has a romantic relationship with another woman other than his wife has already broken his marital vow to his woman and thrown his marriage in danger, my question to you who are contemplating pitching your tent with such a man is: are you interested in being used as a home breaker by the devil? Answer Yes or No to yourself. 

2. Do not think a man who wants to abandon his marital vow and have a relationship with another lady will be faithful to this new lady. It is not a thing to expect. If a man could be unfaithful to his legal wife, do not expect him to be faithful to his illegal woman friend. As a woman who is fancied by a married man and also thinking of giving him a chance, let me ask you this: would you still be happy and fulfilled when he dumps you or showing an interest in another woman once he sees someone who is more beautiful than you? Answer Yes or No to yourself.

If a married man could approach you for a relationship, be rest assured that he would ask another woman out for a relationship once the fire he has with you is quenching.

3. If you intend to date a married man, it only means you want to waste your time and make no good use of your life.

A single lady who is dating a married man is wasting her time due to the fact that the possibility of having a lasting future with such man is zero. A man who leaves real his real wife for another woman has disrespected his wife and home and a man like that has no commitment to any woman. His desire is to satisfy his fantasy at the cost it might take even if that cost means unhappiness of his wife, when a single lady decides to date a married man and having a relationship with him, she's already taking her chance of finding a suitable single man off her own table because she sees herself as not single again but now in a relationship even though her relationship with the married man is unholy.  As a woman who has good aspirations in life, would you like your life to be played with and would you rather let someone waste your time and blow your chances of living a guilt-free life?

Answer yes or No to yourself. 

My Opinion.

Like I promised at the beginning of this article that I would share my own opinion after I must have outlined some points, the truth of the matter is that "dating a married man is not a thing that any woman should consider". If a married man remains married to his legal wife and still seeks a romantic or sexual relationship from outside his marriage, such a man is a walking danger that no woman should ever play with. So, as a woman who is asking herself 'what are the rules for dating a married man', my answer to you is: "saying no to dating a married man is the number one to infinity".  Do not date a married man because of your dignity. Let it be said that your life is very beautiful and important than to let it be dragged into a destructive situation.

You are too beautiful as a woman than to be handed the role of a home wrecker and a source of pain to another woman. If a married man insists on having a relationship with you, stand your ground and say no to him. Don't let them steal your joy and your dignity. Stay loved and blessed. 

As a single woman, if lasting happiness is your expectation in a relationship, please be aware that it does not exist in dating a married man.

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I remain your humble one.

Abraham Adebiyi. 

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