Understanding Men-How To Understand A Guy


To understand a guy, having knowledge of male gender characteristics is very important for any woman who wants to know 'how to understanding a guy'. 

Understanding a man sometimes seems a bit difficult for some women owing to the fact that they have tried everything in their capacity to make their men align with them in thoughts, actions, and utterance but all to no avail. This is a serious issue in a relationship and many marriages are in danger because the partners find it hard to understand themselves.

As a woman who is reading this, how can you understand a guy and be in peace with h him?

The first thing you should do if you want to understand a guy is to 'find out his temperament', knowing his temperament will help you a great deal and save you from unnecessary stress and drama that normally play out in a relationship when partners find it hard to understand each other.

You must find out if your guy is a choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine or melancholic as this would help you categorise the temperament in which he possesses. 

What is temperament?  temperament is a pattern or ways in which someone behaves. 

How can you know a guy's temperament?

How to do this is by reading up on the characteristics of each temperament and what the people who have these temperaments are likely to do in a given situation.

Example of temperament is being a Sanguine, which means someone who has this temperament is prone to sexual temptation due to their cheerful disposition and being someone who is always at the centre of attention. 

Being a sanguine does not really mean the person will be unfaithful to his partner, but a partner who lacks understanding of this temperament might think her man is a flirt or a ladiesman because he is easily attracted to the opposite sex due to his cheerful leading.

To understand so much about temperaments and how to live with them, I implore you to buy or download the book - 'Spirit Controlled temperament' by Tim LaHaye or 'why you act the way you act' by Tim LaHaye , and read it. 

You must also look at what other guys do in some situations to judge the character of your man if he is just the only one who does this or there are other men who do so.

Example of this could be drawn from sports as a hobby. Men are naturally competitive in nature and this is one of the reasons a guy attaches himself to a certain sport. Guys love sports more than how women do and hardly could you see a man who would trade off his favourite sport for a hobby he is not interested in.

Amongst those sports men love are football or soccer as Americans call it. There is also American football, basketball ball, boxing and so on.

The population of women all over the world who love football is minimal compared to men globally, so,  when you see a guy showing too much interest in sports than you do as his woman, please don't be angry with him, be patient and try to understand that this is a nature of men and it's one of the things that give us energy.

Any woman that really wants to understand her guy must be EXTREMELY PATIENT WITH HIM.

When he's doing some things you don't understand is not the right time to complain, instead of complaining just find a hobby to distract yourself from this act of his that you do not understand. While time has passed you could then call him aside in a friendly voice tone and ask him " I am not trying to make you feel uncomfortable or nagging, but I would really love to know why you did so so so the other time as I don't understand the reason for it because my understanding is different from yours and I would not like to make you feel bad by my assumption".

After saying this, wait for him to explain his actions to you and observe his body language to ascertain how important that habit of his he earlier exhibited is to him. 

Some actions that might not be interesting to a woman could be so important to a guy as he's one of those things he finds joy doing.

I would use myself as an example of this one: I so much love writing and would not love to be distracted when I am doing so. I spend so much time trying to write new, relevant and useful articles for this blog that my woman could sometime feel I don't notice her presence around me. Sometimes she could think the blog takes my attention away from her but this is not the case as I always have her in my mind while writing and blogging but my commitment to providing relevant contents and growing this blog is just a fulfilling experience for me because it makes me feel like I am making positive difference in relationship and marriage all over the world. 

So what I do most times when I am writing and blogging is to draw her close to me, explain to her the topic I am writing on and we continue writing it together. I would then show her all the details of the articles and make her contribute her idea to it. She now understands that my blogging is not in competition with her presence in my life and the reason I blog is to fulfill my purpose of sharing my talent with the world.

To be able to understand a guy you must study what other men you see around you are also doing. It is not possible for all the men you know to behave the same way with your man, but when you see some traits that are not detrimental but looks like that of your man, then you should know that such behaviour is common amongst men and you would need to apply wisdom and be patient in order to influence him in changing a particular behaviour you do not like. 

If you want to understand a guy, do not try to control him or be critical of him, you need to be so loving to him while applying endurance in all your efforts to make him work on areas that need work in his life.

If you really want to understand a guy you must be a communicator and not a complainant. When you observe a particular behaviour of him that seems confusing or unclear to you, communicate this to him in a peaceful way. There is a difference between communicating your thought to a man and complaining your dislike to him, those two approaches would achieve different results that are totally against each other. If you learn to be a communicator and not a talker or complainant, you are surely going to understand a guy faster than you can ever imagine. while this is so is because men easily respond to communication but no complaints. 

If you communicate with a guy in a very lovely and peaceful manner, be very sure that you would get the answers to any question you ask him and this would surely improve your understanding of his personality.

If you do all these and you read plenty materials on temperaments and how to live with each temperament, you would surely have a good relationship with any guy you meet because you must have understood their ways and characters.

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