Valentine's Day Gifts For Her 2019

Valentine's day is a day set out worldwide to show love, although men who love their women show their love to them everyday and at any given opportunity through their words, action and reaction, that being said it is still a worthy act to let her know that, she would always have more love from you everyday and especially on this day when you as a man decide to join other men who may show their lover this love once in a year,  to express your love for her, this act of yours would not allow her to feel left out or forgotten.

What will wow her as Valentine's gift?

Gift that can wow  women may come in different forms, shape and sizes. But they originate from the same source, as a man who truly loves his woman you must have been paying attention to her desire, that thing you know she wants and needs from you, that which you have noticed she likes and enjoys when you give it to her, it would wow her.

Generally speaking, most women would like for their man to accompany whatever gift they decide to give them with the following:

1.   Presence.

On this special day you as a loving man should decide to honour her with your presence, you make conscious effort to be with her, around her, for her and if possible inside her, you do everything to let her know that you enjoy her presence in your life and assist her with whatever chore you can do together.

2.  Play.

Whatever gift you give her add play to it, it could be, you invite her for a game, you spank her, tell her jokes, watch her favourite movie, give her peck, take her pictures, play with her hair, nose, cheek, kiss her hands, finger, breasts, ears, you just tickle her toes. As you play with her this would remind her that she has a man in her life, just a little disturbance that shows her the baby side of you by playing with her.

3. A Valentine's card.

Yes get her also a Valentine's card with beautiful words and you can also add to it, I love you so, so,so, so..... Much my one and only love, with your name on it.

4. Prayer.

Well, this is between you and God, ask God to bless her, protect her, make her happy with you, let God show her his mercy and teach you the best way to love her completely.

5. Expression of your love.

It is true that action speaks louder than voice but voice speaks volume. Call her, say to her you want to say something very important to her and when she is attentive tell her that you love her, tell her she is beautiful, she completes your joy, let her know she is the only woman you want to know you in totality.

6. Money

It is also nice to give her cash, the amount depends on your financial status, every woman has an idea of how much her man is worth and what he can comfortably afford, and women who love their men generally tailor their expectations to what they know is reasonable, so give her cash to get for herself something special, aside from the gift you have already bought for her.

7. New bra and pants

When a man adds a new bra and pants to the gift for Valentine, this would make the day more romantic especially if they are her correct size. Just the thought of you going to shop for the bra and pant without her knowledge and succeeding in getting the right size would take her breath away.

8. A new pair of shoe.

A new shoe has a way of touching a woman's heart in a loving manner if the shoe is the right size and the type she likes, as long as the shoe is her size and it's the type she likes she would cherish it, when you get it right you are telling her I see you, that means you have been paying close attention to her and what she likes.

9. A  new wristwatch and jewellery

Things like a new wristwatch and pieces of jewellery such as necklace, earring, bangles are things that she may not expect from you but will put a smile on her face as these things are always welcome by women.

10. Food and drinks

I would strongly advise you to cook her favourite dish only if you know how to but in case you don't know how to you can buy the food you know she likes along with the drink she enjoys, this would be appreciated greatly as you would be saving her from the stress of cooking on the day. She can just relax and enjoy your love on St. Valentine's day.

This material was written by our guest blogger of the day, Dorcas.


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