What Makes A Woman Love Her man

Good morning to you all my wonderful God's creation. How is everything going with you? Your family, business, work and love life? Hope you're making use of the opportunity of self-development?

Today I want us to continue our earlier discussion of what makes a woman feel loved which in turn leads to her loving her man. A woman who truly feels loved by her man will love that man to a fault. If you doubt me you can ask the women folks and they'd tell you it's true.

There are many things that make a woman love her man, but today we shall discuss a few of them.

1. As a man, if you want to have undiluted love of your wife, never raise your hand up against her. NEVER BEAT YOUR WIFE OR YOUR GIRLFRIEND AS THE CASE MAY BE.

Domestic violence is a scourge that has been destroying many homes for years. It's so epidemic that every day you hear of how a man beats up his wife to coma or death while some lucky ones escape death just by a stroke of luck. My question to any wife beater who is reading this is: what do you want to prove by beating a woman? do you want to prove that you are more powerful than she is? why not use that power to protect her in place of hurting her? Do you want us to think you are correcting her for the wrong she did you by beating her? If so how many times has God beaten you for all your sins? or does it not mean anything to you to beat up a woman? are you as a man so weak you can't control your fury?

Before you ask me if I have been in your place please let me tell you by myself that I have. I have been in a situation where I had a tensed moment with an ex. she did everything some women do which is grabbing a man's cloth, slapping him until he is provoked to retaliate, calling a man all sorts of degrading names which make a man feels like he has no option but to pounce on her. And my friend I can tell you that none of her antics got to me. The reason is that I have a moral code in my life where I see it as being evil to beat a woman. yes, it is evil! The said ex slapped me, bit me on my chest, choked me with my shirt and was dragging me around in the house just because I told her taking advantage of people is not good. In this situation, I had every leverage to be mad at her, beat her up and degrade her but I didn't do it because that's not how life should be. I know me better than that and would never do such. Instead, I just kept laughing and pulled off the shirt for her while I worked out of the house and that was the end of the drama. In that situation, I used the laughter to suppress my anger and walking a way to prevent anarchy.   It's a normal thing to be angry, but it's abnormal not to be able to control the anger. Everyone has control over their anger if they want to control it, but it can't be done if there's no self-determination of never to be a wife or woman beater. "Being someone who doesn't beat a woman starts with making up your mind that no matter what a woman does to you you'd never raise your hand up against her unless you wants to spray her money".
Yes! you can raise your hands upon her to spray her money but not to beat her.

Loving a woman is not that hard, yet could be hard when you don't know what to do. A woman who has never been hit by her man before won't have any reason to see him as a monster. As man to man, I'm telling you today that it's normal if you get angry while having a dispute with your spouse, but the first step in curbing your anger is by walking away. A woman's most dangerous weapon is her mouth which can hurt even the meekest of men in this world, but what you do with your own anger is your responsibility and not her's. Be responsible by not beating your partner because beating them is not the same as loving them. I'm amazed by what happens after a man has physically abused a woman and he comes back begging and telling her he loves her. what's love in it? "what good is love if it can only be expressed through abuse? " If you love your woman you should never beat her. Misunderstanding could happen but find a mature way to solve it. use your muscle to protect your spouse and not hurt your spouse. A woman known to be physically abused by the society has already been robbed of her dignity; it would be hard for her to walk with pride in the presence of those who have watched her abused by anyone.

Learn to be a gentle lover and a good husband then see if your spouse won't love you in return. The bible says love is kind and love is patient, so where is kindness in beating your spouse? That's not kindness at all it is cruelty! You can't caution your fellow man to stop beating his wife if you do the same. So, if you want to stop domestic violence it has to start from you as a man. I know you might be saying a woman should not provoke her which I agree with you, but the truth is a man should also learn to control his own anger because that is not his woman's responsibility but his. The study shows that majority of men that beat their wives can't stand a man beating their daughters, so if you can't let someone beat your daughter while beating your wife who is someone's daughter? beating your wife is not the same as loving her. you can show love to a woman when she hurts you through discussion when the situation has been pacified and not through altercation.  


You're doing yourself a favour as a man if you learn how to talk with your partner. A study has shown that an average woman says 20,000 words per day while men say only 7,000 words per day. Here we have 13,000 words a day gap which a man has to catch up with. when this goes on for 10 days it means you're 130,000 words short of her talking ability. The truth is a man can talk if he wants to because when it comes to arguments a man never gives up as he'd keep bringing up points to win the arguments at the end of the day. if you think a man can't talk wait till you see him at the football game, at viewing centre watching soccer, at the board room chipping out business strategies or in Lagos traffic jam when someone bashes that his fine exotic car there you'd see him asking "do you know who I am?" like 100 times in a minute. Every improvement in life starts with one's recognition for the need to improve in that area, and this is something that a man needs to do to be a good talker. A man needs to recognise that he needs to learn how to talk with his wife. Talk to your wife and not talk to your wife. Talking to your wife means you're saying everything while talking with her means you're both talking; bringing out the gist in a topic together and thereby enhancing the bond and the sweetness of friendship that exists between you.


Men should never see themselves as boss to their friends, rather as a peer. A man feels equal with the friends he keeps; he plays with them, jokes and chats with them without having a superiority complex over them. The same relationship is what every woman wants from her man. A relationship where you can tell her everything without holding back, where you crack jokes with her and even sees her as equal instead of a fragile creature. A man should learn how to blur the line of gender differences that exists between him and his wife in order to relate with her better because you can never be friend with someone you think should be under your authority. This is a prevalent situation in Africa where they always say that a man owns a woman while in reality, no one owns anyone. A man can never be a better man without the contribution of his wife to his life and vice-versa, which in return means they both need each other. Sometimes women have issues they can't share with their fellow women but can only share with a man, and if you're not available she'd surely share it with another man which I know is not what any man wants.

A man who has put into good use the above-mentioned variables would no doubt be seen as a good man by his wife which is something every woman desires. So my wonderful brothers, friends and fathers, even though these are not all a woman needs, but if you learn to work on these 3 things and get better on them, you'd surely have a woman who appreciates you and love you in return. This conversation is however not over as we shall continue discussing what makes a woman love her man later. MAY GOD HELP US MEN TO BE BETTER LOVERS

Note: If you make up your mind never to be a wife beater you can be it. Everything starts with a decision.

Warning: Never beat your wife. Talk to your wife and not talk to her. Be a good friend of your wife before she makes someone else her friend.

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Yours truly,

Adebiyi Abraham.


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