I want to say thank you for the good response you gave concerning 10 habits women like in men, and if you're yet to read it kindly read it here.

Today I want to talk about 10 habits men like in women if though they're more than 10.


Because a woman has a man to call her own doesn't mean her life ends there. One of qualities that attract men to women is ambition. What do I mean by ambition? It means to aspire to be great in life. To have a successful business or career, to have a life and not just living. It's not everyone who's alive that's living. Men often believe that a woman who is ambitious can help him to reach his world on time; give him strength to reach his destiny when defeat is calling for him. Men love to be part of big life; they love to be seen as heroes by creating enabling environment for their family. This could be demanding and needing more than a man to make it possible as life sometimes doesn't always turn out as planned. So he believes a woman with ambition would have it in her to encourage him instead of seeing him as a failure when the going gets tough because she must have known what it takes to reach a goal. If you want your man to always be drawn to you begin to dream again. Dream of something bigger than just getting by in life. Live to be great, to be a good wife and friend to your spouse, live to make a difference where you are. That motherless home could need your contribution, that homeless person could be whom you need to help. A woman who lives a selfless life is always a woman every man wants to keep for the rest of his life. Every man loves a great and good woman trust me.


There's one thing men can't joke with and that's their money. Some men often test ladies before they go into relationship with them. They want to know the economic mindset of such lady, if she's a manager or a consumer. Men love a woman with mindset of monetary multiplication and not devaluation. He may be making millions at a go, it doesn't mean he won't think twice before spending it. No matter how much a man is making he always wants his money not to reduce in quantity and value while hoping to have the best of everything in life at the same time. Men can't live a day without thinking of their money, they want to double their money and still enjoy quality life but in between doubling the money and buying the best of things he still does not want to lose all the money. Therefore, he wants his wife not to overspend whatever he's been able to provide. Men love women who don't spend money on frivolous things, they'd rather want you to but what you need and not what you won't use after buying it. No matter how much a man loves you, even when he takes you out for shopping he's watching his credit/debit card balance as you're picking the dresses and shoes, and if he pretends not to say anything to a woman's extravagant buying at first, it's only a matter of time before you hear a statement like "Honey, do you really think you need that expensive shoe? Why not buying something moderate because the quality is the same with that expensive one and the only difference between them is just the "label" which is not what we need but the shoe itself." 
When a man says something like that it means you're going out of his budget and preferences for spending, at this stage it would be wise for such woman to learn how not to over spend beyond his man's budget.


It's amazing how some women can switch from looking like they don't want to grow old to they can't wait to grow old. Before they met their men they'd look good to kill. They took care of themselves as if they wouldn't like to grow old at all, but some months into the relationship or marriage they just switched and the man began to wonder if he had met the woman on the black market. If he didn't look at the woman before falling for her. As old as the statement is the situation remains and will continue to remain the same: MEN ARE EASILY MOVED BY WHAT THEY SEE AND ONLY A MAN WITH SELF CONTROL WILL NOT LOOK OUTSIDE WHEN HIS WIFE STARTS LOOKING LIKE A 70 YEAR OLD WHEN SHE'S JUST IN HER 20s, 30s or 40s. The reason some women give in to the habit is complacency. They feel there's no need for looking good anymore once he has put the ring on your finger. I bet you're wrong. Marriage is like a business and for any business to be continually successful there has to be constant update of the required knowledge to run the business successfully. You can't just sit back in marriage and not take care of yourself just because you now have hour own man. Every man always wants to show of his woman but how can he be proud to show you off when you won't even have your shower in a day? Don't wait till it's party time before you wear your best perfume. You should wear it and look good for your man every time you're around him. Doing things to get his attention all the time should be a priority for you instead of telling him to give you attention because the best attention is not that you force somebody to give you but the one given to you after you've captured their heart WITH YOUR UNIQUENESS. Always look good and make yourself special for your man. You don’t need millions to look good, all you need is trim your nails, have your shower all the time and smell nice as you apply your perfumes. Don't wait till party time before you look good.


REAL men don't believe in laziness. They wouldn't want you to wait on them before buying anything you want. No matter how little you earn your income matters in the house. I know in some parts of the world there are men who don't like their women working; they want their women to be full house wife. But as you dig into the reasons behind their decision to stop their spouse from working you discover a lot of inferiority complex on the part of those men. Some of them don't like their women being chased by men at work, some don't like the fact that their women might be making money than them, why some women just settled into the arrangement because when a woman loves a man, she'd do whatever he wants. But sometimes even the man who caged his wife at home wishes the woman can support him financially in the home front when he is not financially buoyant. 


Nothing a man detests like nagging. Most of the time a woman feels she has a strong message to pass across to her man, the tone with which she uses in telling the man her mind is what determines whether she's nagging or communicating. Raising your voice when laying complaints to a man will sound more like nagging and not communication to him. The tone one of a woman's voice is the first thing men hear before they hear the woman's words. It's necessary for you to complain your deep yearnings to him but watch the tone you use in telling him. "A little bit of humility, respectful vocal tone and gentleness in your disposition in time of communication will make a man yield to your demand and not retort" because every man is full of ego which requires wisdom from a woman to manage. 


The first name of every man on earth is RESPECT. A man cherishes and desires respect a lot. He wants to be respected by a man like himself talk-less of his woman. A man who feels respected by his woman always feels like a King, and in return the love the woman desires from him won't be far from her rich. Make your man feel like a King and watch if he won't make you feel like a Queen. Yes, he is your man and he's suppose to see you like his friend and not just his wife, but even your female friends want to be treated with respect and the same goes for a man also.

7. Don't mock him when things are not going well for him and don't withdraw your respect because of that.

It's hard to get some women not to see their men as less than a real man when his pocket is dry. The truth is circumference changes in life. There are times of abundance and time of scarcity, when a man is broke and unable to provide for his home he always feels sad and not up to par. The best a woman can do at this time is tell him you believe in him and will always have your respect, tell him you know things aren't the way you want but you believe things would get better for both of you. Motivating your man in time of trouble will always make him put you first; he'd see you as his semi-gods and someone he can't live without. Make yourself relevant to your man by motivating him instead of mocking or hurting him with words when he's in trouble. A man supported by his woman when life is tough always sees her as his Angel and life support.


Some women can cage a man unnecessarily when there's no reason to do so. They wouldn't want him to work, not do recreational activities, no playing with his friends and no seeing his siblings and parents. This is so because of their past experiences of how some men treated them. But all men are not the same, some are bad while some are good. It's unwise to punish a good man for the sin of a bad man. Many women have lost a good relationship on this ground. Men love freedom of expression and naturally dominant in nature. You can't tame a man by telling him to sit at home and do nothing, by stalking his movement even when he's faithful to you. If he's never hurt you before love him for whom he is and not for what others have done to you. Even a man whose head is not cool can be managed if you apply wisdom in your dealings with him.


There's a saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Yes! That's 100% correct. Men love food and are not ashamed to let you know. Often time you'd hardly see cheerfulness on the face of a man who's hungry. It's more reason they say an hungry man is an angry man. Some men often make it part of their prerequisite in choosing a life partner; if a woman can't cook some men can't marry her. They want a woman who can cook them real healthy meal and not noodles. Let cooking be among your matrimonial skills and your man won't be a regular customer at Mr. Biggs or Mc Donalds. When you know how to cook good food for a man be assured you've known how to make him run back home after work. No matter how kind, gentle or strong headed a man is, eating is their first and favourite hobby.


Men hate being in darkness over a situation. They hate being told something is green and later finds out it's yellow. Let your man know the truth about you, don't corn him in any form at all. Honesty is a fundamental requirement to having happiness in any relationship. A relationship devoid of honesty is a relationship devoid of happiness. Truthfulness is a good quality which attracts a man to a woman. There's no point in lying to have somebody love you, only to lose their love when they find out they've been lied to. When you tell a man the truth all the time you won't have any reason to defend your words later.

Don't starve your husband with sex if you don't want to lose him.

After all has been said, doing those things listed above is more profitable than reading them. I urge you to inculcate them into your lifestyle if they aren't there yet, and keep doing them if you already have them in you.

May God give us happiness in life in every area.

As usual, kindly click on "comment" below the post and drop your comment, question and suggestion in there and I promise to get back to you.

Yours truly,

Adebiyi Abraham.


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