What Makes A Woman Feel Loved 1

Today has been a wonderful day for me so far and I believe the story is the same for you. today is a day I feel we should discuss something different, I feel we should treat a subject that a lot of men are flunking(failing). please forgive my grammar but I like to be free when I'm expressing myself.

The discussion for today is what I termed "WHAT MAKES A WOMAN FEEL LOVED?"

Sometimes men get confused when their women tell them that they don't love them. some men would be like God what does she want me to do for her again? I'm faithful to her and I don't cheat, I provide for her needs and stuff. what would I do again to make her feel loved?

But the truth is all a woman needs sometimes is "the man inside a man". the man inside a man that likes to chat with his male friends when they are together in a pub, beer parlour, clubhouse or football match venue. It's true that the difference between men and women is much when it comes to talking. They say women talk a lot and men don't like talking, but the truth is men talk more than women when they are in the midst of men like them.

All a woman wants from her man sometimes is to make her his gossip partner, to chat her to sleep all time instead of arguing about football with his friends all day. If you've ever sung a lullaby to a baby till he or she falls asleep, you'd agree with me that it creates a loving experience for the baby. This same thing goes for every woman because this time of gossiping with their partner creates an emotional bond that makes them feel comfortable to share anything with their man. From revealing their fears to their pains, their joy for the day to their victory. But when a man focuses so much on spending time with his buddies, chatting and laughing with them all day and becomes mute when he is with his spouse, he is only setting himself up for failure in the relationship.

I hate to say men don't like to talk because we do, but the truth is, the priority is not being set right by many men. If you want to improve the bond between you and your spouse you need to learn how to see her like one of your guys; like chat buddy. And when the talking begins PLEASE DON'T DOMINATE THE CONVERSATION because listening is also as important as talking.


You could begin like"what are those things you really want to do that would make you feel fulfilled in life?

And my contribution to these ideas or task of your's would be?

Note: if you ask her questions like these and wait for her response, before you know it you'd be onto something else and it won't take long before you see positive result in your relationship with your spouse.

Till the death do you part. keep chatting with your wife! you're meant to play and not to fight.

I love you all.

 Ladies please don't forget to share this with your men, and men should please share this with their fellow men.

God Bless you all.

Adebiyi Abraham.

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