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Good day my wonderful people, my name is Adebiyi Abraham.  I must say it's quite a while since we talked about what are those things that bring happiness in relationship. Before we continue this discussion, I'd love to say one thing. "Reading a material that helps to better one's relationship is meaningless if we don't practice what we learn that can bring happiness into our relationship with our spouse".

Another topic for today is what I call DON'T DATE IF YOU'VE NOT PRAYED.

Whatever way and however way you call your God, YOU HAVE TO PRAY TO HIM TO SEND YOU THE RIGHT PERSON; TO GIVE YOU SOMEONE WHO IS TRULY YOUR OWN because somewhere in time....there's a perfect heart for everyone.

I know some would ask "why do I need to pray before I date somebody? If I just see what I like can't I just go for it?". It's true that you can just go for whoever you like, but it's more important to know that whoever you like might not be the person you really need.That's why many people invest in relationship that brings them no amount of happiness and when it comes to what might work and what might not work in relationship, one has to think and look beyond what you like and also think about what you need.

A lot of people refuse to pray before they start dating and that's why it doesn't take long for them to start praying to God to change their partner for better the moment they start dating the person.

No amount of prayer can change someone who isn't meant to be in your life to be a good person for you. It's just like watering vegetables planted on a rock hoping it would germinate. It's a waste of time because it will never germinate. I've been there done it all ; dating someone I see just because I like what I see and not minding if that's actually what is right for me. trust me when I say it that it's not a road I want to travel down again in my life.

My fortune changed for good when I prayed to GOD to send me the person He actually created for me because I didn't want to date someone who is not meant to be in my life anymore. Going on my knees to ask God changed everything for me, and I can tell you that praying before dating works because I AM SO HAPPY WHERE I AM AND WITH THE AMAZING, WONDERFUL, ANGELIC AND AWESOME WOMAN GOD GAVE TO ME AS MY WIFE.

And to feel you guys in on our secrets, I also call her GOD'S FAVOURITE DAUGHTER because that's whom she is. My prayer for you all that are reading this is that God will never let you invest in relationship that takes your joy away. It's not worth it having a relationship devoid of happiness and I don't wish it for you my people.

Warning: Though the special adage says "look before you leap," but no matter how much you look you just might not see clearly. Instead of that I will rather say PRAY, PRAY AND PRAY BEFORE YOU DATE.


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