Secret To Having A Good Relationship With Your Spouse 2

Good day my wonderful people, my name is Adebiyi Abraham and hope you're having a nice Sunday so far? today we continue our discussion on what are those things that create happiness in a relationship.

It's not a lie that everyone desires a relationship filled with happiness with their spouse, but one of the things that cut short the happiness in a relationship is what we do or what we don't do.

Another big mistake that a lot of people make in a relationship is  SEEING THEIR SPOUSE AS AN OPPONENT INSTEAD OF A TEAMMATE.

What do I mean by seeing your spouse as a teammate instead of an opponent?

Sometimes it's hard for some people to see their spouse doing well when things are going badly for them, while some actually prefer things to go well for them so they could use this to avenge a wrong done to them by their spouse. So they strive to be better or more fortunate than their partner thinking they'd feel good about the result they might accomplish which is a sense of superiority. The truth is a relationship isn't about trying to be better than the other person (not about competition but co-operation), it's about complementing the weakness of the other person and help them to build their strength where help is needed. Two people can achieve greater things than one person if they are in the same state of mind.

The Bible in Genesis 2;18 says "And the Lord God said, it is not good for a man to be alone; therefore I will make him a HELP MEET". Some men can't stand the fact that their spouse is doing better than them just like some women can't. So I ask; "how are you suppose to be happy when you aren't creating it?" While in this situation no one is actually winning!

If a person can solve a problem on his or her own, with the help and cooperation of another, 2 or more problems can be defeated. There's an advantage in two people becoming one because there lies the power of unity which people exploit to overcome life-challenging hurdles.

The fact is one of you will actually have more than the other in one way or the other. it could be financially, intellectually, spiritually or physically. but it doesn't mean you're both better in all areas than the other. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO COMPLEMENT YOURSELVES AND NOT COMPRESS YOURSELVES because one could have deficiency where the other is efficient. if you look within you would notice that you both have one value you can bring to the table when it comes to gathering your strength to win together.

The key thing that helps every team to achieve a lot than what they could have achieved individually is NOT the number of the people who made up the team ; it's the willingness of every team member to come together with their strengths and weaknesses to work together as ONE. 

So if you want some happiness in your relationship I suggest you have to ask yourself this question : IS MY SPOUSE MY TEAM MATE OR MY OPPOSITION? when you figure this out, then you should choose the right approach to seeing your spouse which is to see them as your TEAM MATE.

Warning: work together with your spouse and not against your spouse.

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