Secret To having Good Relationship With Your Spouse 1

My name is Adebiyi Abraham. Having done my homework to the extent of getting a better result out of it, I can say I have come to know some reasons why some relationship work and why some don't work. over the next few days, I shall be reeling out my findings on why some relationship don't work.

Number one thing in having a joy-filled relationship with your better half is knowing the greatest lover and LEARNING how to TRULY love from HIM. who is the greatest lover I am talking about? the answer is God.

However, knowing God is not enough as knowing how He expects you to love and treat your spouse.

The holy book which is bible clearly states out what is expected of us when it comes to loving our spouse. for instance in Proverbs 5: 15-23 which commands us to drink water from our own well which means ( being faithful to your partner and not sharing your emotions and sex life with anyone else).

Infidelity is one of the variables killing the joy of many people today, but how can we know how to discipline ourselves if we don't know what God says about it. learn the way of God and how He wants you to love, practise how He wants you to love your spouse and see if there won't be a positive change in your relationship.

WARNING: please don't ever go into a relationship with someone who doesn't know God. And because someone goes to church or mosque regularly doesn't mean they know God. Study the lifestyle of the individual before going out with them.  PLEASE LET GOD AND LOVE GUIDE, NOT GUT AND LUST.

I wish you happiness in your relationship.


  1. Enter your comment...nice one. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you bro, I'm grateful for your being there over the years.


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