31 Love quotes for her

Love quotes for her

Every woman loves to be appreciated by her man. Don't let a day go by without expressing how you feel about her. we have helped you pick these '31 love quotes for her'.

  • Many things I  am not sure of,  but this I am very sure that you are more than a blessing to me. 

  • The word 'beautiful' is not enough to describe how beautiful you are.

  • I did not believe Angels do exist until I met you. 

  • My life has been made perfect because I have the most perfect creature of God as my woman, you are perfect beyond mistakes my queen.

  • Whoever said a queen must wear a crown before you identify her has actually never met you, my angel. 

  • Your beauty blew me out of this world and I almost got lost in the universe.

  • I couldn't help myself so I fell in love with you like snow hoping I can make you have that magical feeling you get when you're playing in the rain. 

  • Forget the rainbow, my love, you are the most colourful things God ever created.

  • I can't blame any man that wants to fight me because of you, I also envy myself for having an angel like you as my queen. You are a rare gift from above. 

  • Loving you continuously is the purpose I live to fulfil. I love you, my queen. 

  • Don't feel shy when the whole world stops to take a gaze on you, you deserve every beautiful attention you get because you're truly beautiful. 

  • How much did you pay the creator that HE made you so much beautiful than all the women in the world? 

  • Till my dying day, I swear never to love anyone else but you. 

  • It's true there are so many women in the world, but there's only one woman God created for me and that woman is you, my love. 

  • I close my eyes when I kiss you because it feels like I'm in heaven when my lips touch your lips.

  • Without using the broom, your beauty keeps sweeping me off my feet.

  • If I had only one sentence to say before I take my leave for heaven, what I'd say is I LOVE YOU. I DON'T CARE IF I CAN'T SAY ANYTHING AFTER THAT, I JUST WANT TO SAY I LOVE YOU.

  • Till I can't breathe anymore, I love you unconditionally. 

  • I have lost my senses because I only think right whenever I'm with you. This is a sign that I need you. All the days of my life I need you, please don't be far from me, I need you. 

  • People say I don't have a life of my own because I love you so much, I told them I don't want the kind of life they have because it's not as sweet as you are. 

  • From this moment on, I promise never to turn my back on you. I will fight your battles, I will win your war, I will never let pains of life get close to you. I will forever remain the shield that protects you.

  • Do not bother if everyone leaves you, I will always be in your life to love you unconditionally. 

  • When people ask me why I love you so much, I tell them it's because loving you is the only thing I know how to do in this world.

  • The sun can never compete with you my love, you shine brighter and bring more light to the world than the sun does. 

  • How an Angel like you fell in love with me is the first question I will ask God the day I get to heaven. Your love makes me feel special than other men in the world. 

  • My day cannot be a complete one if I don't kiss you in a day. Under the moonlight, when it's raining, in the snow and when it's shinning, I want to kiss you like my life depends on it to survive. Baby, I can't live without you. 

  • You are not just beautiful my love, you also make the world a beautiful place for me to live. 

  • If I had to choose between you and the world, I would choose you all the time because in you my world is found.

  • I don't need anything else in this world, I already have you as my love and that is more than everything the world has to offer me. 

  • It is bedtime and I am feeling sleepy, yet I can't sleep because I can't stop thinking about you. Thought of you is always in my head. 

  • As I lay down to sleep tonight the only thing I want to dream about is you, my love, seeing your face in my dreams always gives me a blissful night rest. 

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