Why do people change in relationship?  Let's find out.

This day is amazing that I give glory to God for it. Thanking Him for life He's given us and ability to love and be loved He gave to us.

I want to tell you something many people don't know anymore. Things they knew before but stopped knowing along the way. People fall in love because it's a good thing and the feelings one derives from it is second to none. But why do people fall out of love? Why do lovers become haters? People who once loved each other begins to behave like they never felt happy with themselves before. People who once saw each other as gold and diamond started seeing themselves as dust and mud. 

A lady once told me how sweet things were between her and her husband but now she can't understand why the man has changed. He doesn't look or behave like the man she fell in love with any more. Does this sound familiar to you? Have you ever been in this lady's position or is it happening to you at the moment? Are you the one whose partner felt has changed or is it your partner that has changed? Do you know people who are experiencing this at the moment? or do you feel there are people out there who might need this? Why not share this article with them through your social media accounts after reading it?

Let's continue our conversation.....

Have you felt you and your partner were both in love and just couldn't understand how it all went wrong? The answer is YOU BOTH STOPPED DOING THINGS YOU USED TO DO THAT MADE BOTH OF YOU FELT LOVED BY EACH OTHER IN THE BEGINNING. "YOU BECAME COMPLACENT, AND COMPLACENCY IS A KILLER OF LOVE".

You remember how you used to talk for long on the phone when you just met? You remember how you used to send her flowers and she would text you or write letters back to you? You remember those mid-night calls that made you feel like you couldn't live without each other? You know all those love songs you used to sing to her? You could still remember how you walked on the streets holding hands and smiling at each other? You know you were always going to pick her up at work because you couldn't let her use public transport on her way back home when you just met? All those fine sweet little notes you dropped in her bag to drive her crazy about your love for her? You know all those gifts you used to buy your man when you just met? How you were always calling each other up at work to check up on each other? Those were the things that made you feel happy and loved by one another.

But those things are gone now. You stopped doing them and the love began to die, every little thing you used to do became non relevant to you or either you got lost in the issues of life and everything just stopped the moment days began to count on your relationship.  This is why people feel they're not in love anymore. Loving someone is an action that requires constant effort, and those efforts you display are what make your partner feel important to you. Being complacent is the feeling of relaxation you display which makes you to put no effort into doing what you used to do to win your lovers heart in the beginning and if you want those things I call 'feelings of ages' (joyful feelings you used to have) to come back into your relationship and never depart from you, then you have to start all over again with those gestures you used to make. It's never too late to revive the fleeting joy in that relationship. BRING BACK THE TIME YOU COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT EACH OTHER. THAT TIME WHEN RESPONSIBILITIES OF MARRIAGE HAD NOT TAKEN OVER YOUR ROMANCE. THAT TIME WHEN IT WAS JUST YOU AND YOUR MAN BEFORE THE KINDS GOT INVOLVED. "IT'S A PROVEN RESEARCH THAT SPENDING 60 MINUTES IN CONVERSATION WITH SOMEONE YOU LOVE BEFORE BED TIME HELPS YOU TO SLEEP BETTER". So what are you waiting for? Why don't you start those things again? Do you have to stop wooing your partner because you now have him/her? must you stop calling her sweet, honey, angel, queen and begin to call her mummy Daniel just because you now have a baby? Do you need to stop calling him my King, My handsome, my Superstar and replace his pet name with your baby's name?It's amazing how people can be with someone they love and still feel lonely at the same time. The reason is not unknown and it's because they're not being wooed again.  Don't make someone you love to ever feel unloved. Never be with someone and still make them feel lonely.

Bring back the days of giving gifts and flowers. Bring back the days of singing love songs together. Bring back the days of calling to check how your partner's day is going. Bring back the days of writing 'I LOVE YOU' on a piece of paper and drop it in your partner's bag or pocket of their trousers pants. Bring back the days when you transfer some amount of money into the bank account of your lover without her asking for it, and if you can't do bank transfer drop the money in her bag.

All these things are the things you used to do that made her/him loved you crazy in the beginning. Those things are little things but they made all the difference in how you both felt, so I'd say 'bring back the days of little beginning'. Never ever grow matured I your relationship. You're both adults and grown people but your life will be much better if you live like children with yourselves.  There's a baby inside everyone no matter how grown they are and you and your partner should create this chance to live like two little children with yourselves.


 Someone once said "a child would play with any child until you tell them not to do so".
Little children have no grudge against anybody, they do not know who is perfect or not to play with. They do not look for flaws in people before choosing whom to play with, so they play with everyone irrespective of their different skill set, colour or tribe. What I'm implying is that you should play with your partner with open mind. Allow them to be free with you and give room for his/her mistakes.  No one is perfect and everyone is a work-in-progress. So......

Bring back the joy in your relationship by start doing things you used to do that made your partner fell in love with you, and if you're doing that at the moment please don't stop doing it. REMEMBER THAT STAYING IN LOVE REQUIRES CONSTANT EFFORT TO CREATE A LOVING ENVIRONMENT, AND THE EFFORT WE PUT INTO LOVE IS NEVER A WASTED RESOURCE.

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