Secret Of Happiness In Relationship 3

Good day to you all my Godly Angels, I hope as a man or a woman you're making use of your ability to create a lovely environment with your spouse? and if you're not in a relationship yet I'd like you to make use of the gist from our discussions to be better and be a lovable person because your time will come to find your own perfect heart.

One of the things that destroy or spoil relationship is what we are going to talk about right now.

There was a lovely Sunday morning I went to church with my adorable Queen, It was obvious for every eye to see that we were both in love. I'm rolling my eyes at this point because I'm kind of blushing right now. lol....yes I said it! we were in love, we are in love and we will forever be in love with each other.  #inmyd'banj'svoice: don't get it twisted love is beautiful thing! Lol...

Back to our conversation:

We entered the church holding hands, wearing the same cloth except for the difference in style. As  we entered I could see people staring at us without minding the pastor was preaching, just when we sat down the elderly man beside me turned to me and asked

The Man: are you guys in love?

Me:Yes we are Sir!

The Man: Please my children, always keep the communication line open in your marriage: don't ever operate with a closed communication line in your love life because it never works well.

These words rang in my head like a bell, I took time to process it and I figured there are millions of things wrapped in that statement.

A lot of people are going through so much in their relationship today because of this; the communication line between them and their spouse is a closed one and they keep complaining lack of understanding which often leads to anarchy.YOU CAN'T HOLD YOUR BREATH AND BREATHE IN AND OUT WITH YOUR NOSE AT THE SAME TIME. NEVER!

What does it mean to keep a closed communication line? It's a situation where one expects the other to know the thoughts in their heart without saying it out. They expect the other to be God who sees and knows everything, but while in reality it is not so. Because you are in love and your hearts are both aligned does not mean they know what's in your heart.


When something makes you angry please don't tell them you're just angry. tell them WHY you are angry. Inside the REASON FOR YOUR ANGER lies what your spouse needs to understand about you. Sometimes misunderstanding is just a tool that helps both of you to understand what the other person likes or hates. But if you don't tell your partner what makes you feel bad he/she might just be doing the same thing over and over again while you'd be thinking your spouse doesn't love you.

It's possible for your spouse to love you but just don't know you enough because he/she is not God. This is where the open line communication comes in. Men are generally not that good when it comes to reading women while the same goes for some women. So instead of waiting for your spouse to find you out by him/herself, why not make the job easy by helping your partner out before he/she does that thing you don't like?

There's nothing wrong in keeping communication pain and understandable to your partner, it's even a sign that you love them and you are ready to work together with this person to create harmonious love life for both of you. Where there's understanding, there's peace. And where there is peace, there's happiness. My prayer for you today is that God will help you to enjoy and not endure your relationship in Jesus name.

Warning: The gate way to anarchy in relationship is thinking your partner must know everything you don't like. Not only children need the guide to doing the right things in life, adults need it too sometime. Help your partner to learn about you better and get better to love you better.  *wink*. please forgive my rhyming though I;m not a rapper. lol...

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