5 Amazing Things That Can Improve Your Skin Complexion

Let us take a break from those topical skin treatments for a while. Have you ever heard that change in food habits can improve your complexion? If not read here. These healthy food items miraculously transform your skin complexion from ‘dull’ to ‘radiant’ with regular intake.
Ways to Improve Skin Complexion with Diet


Carrots contain carotenoids which effectively cures skin problems those occur due to excessive sun exposure. They also help with the detox process of liver, resulting in clean blood. Toxic blood of course gives us bad skin so when our blood is purified, our skin glows! It has been proven that people who consumed fresh carrots everyday for 6 weeks achieved a clear, better complexion.


Spinach has abundant nutrients which are needed for our skin and hair. Regular intake of spinach controls hair fall and increases the hair growth. Spinach reduces the body heat in summer, cools down the body and prevents summer acne to a great extent. When acne is prevent, the scars are also prevented. Results – Clear glowing complexion! Spinach should be taken at least twice a week to see visible results on skin.


If you are a non vegetarian, no way you can say no to baked and fried salmon pieces! Yumm.. Salmon is a nutrient rich, delicious sea good that can help with your skin as well. It contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are main skin ingredients to turn your skin smooth and soft like a celebrity. Take 100-150 gm of salmon thrice a week and at the end of the month, you can definitely feel that your complexion has improved, of course with a smooth glossy skin.
Collagen present in lemons and oranges is definitely a must needed nutrient to achieve that younger, wrinkle free skin. Collagen delays the aging process and tightens your skin. Vitamin C naturally brightens skin with regular intake. Do you know that skin whitening pills such as Glutothione are prescribed to be taken along with Vitamin C capsules to achieve a skin whitening effect? If you want to achieve glowing complexion at home, try these homemade skin whitening recipes with lemon.


I know I know.. Water is not a food but I really cannot resist from adding water to this list of foods that can improve skin complexion. Water cools down the body, prevents acne, softens skin, smoothes skin, removes toxins from the blood and provides skin a healthy complexion. And all these for 0 calories!!! So isn’t that too easy to drink more water a day? 3 liters will do the magical trick on your skin! You must try it to believe it.
Do you eat anything special to improve your skin complexion? If yes, what is it?

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