4 Quickest Ways To Have A Good Body

If you've got a big event ahead and want to look good and feel good, there are many tips and secrets to help you achieve that beautiful body. From bloat-inducing foods to avoid, to fast and cheap beauty routines you can do at home, check out these simple ways to look good from head to toe.

1.   Have a last-minute quick workout

While regular exercise is the best route to a great body, some last-minute toning before a big event can help your body look better. To emphasize any muscles on show and/or stomach muscles, give them a workout with some last-minute targeted exercises, such as sit-ups, lunges and bicep curls. The rush of blood to your muscles will temporarily tighten them up to leave them looking more defined. Not only that, the endorphins released by exercise will help you feel more self-confident.

quick tricks for a beautiful body

2.  Avoid gas and bloat-inducing foods

Although the best route to a flat stomach is an ongoing regime of healthy eating and exercise, you can cheat your way to a svelter frame prior to a special event with some careful eating. To prevent bloating, on the day of your big event limit your intake of high-fiber foods, such as certain fruit and veg, beans and grains, which are renowned for causing intestinal gas. Also avoid salt, carbonated drinks and chewing gum, all of which can cause bloating and prevent your looking your best.

3.  Stock up on tummy-flattening foods

As well as avoiding certain foods, there are several foods you can add into your diet to keep your tummy looking flat. To counteract bloating caused by salt overload in your diet, up your intake of potassium-rich foods such as bananas and dried fruit. Alternatively, get rid of excess gas by supplementing your meals with digestive enzymes (such as papain and bromelain) and taking charcoal capsules, which can help to soak up the gas and toxins that lead to bloating. So you can eat your way to looking good.

4.  Don some slimming underwear

While it may be 'cheating', we're betting there isn't a celeb out there who hasn't employed a bit of help in the underwear department to help them look good. If you’re looking to smooth out lumps or bumps, treat yourself to some slimming underwear to pull in any wobbly bits. Alternately, try a push up bra to help create a great cleavage or some padded knickers for a more voluptuous derriere. To further flatter your figure, try dressing in black or, at the least, solid block colours.

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